About Us

Insta Serve Solutions is a company of the people, for the people and by the people. We offer online as well as offline services through our just call service to the people to save their money and help them find the right job at the right time. We are a company with a large network of corporate tie-up in various fields to provide the best at the cheapest price and you get your value for money. We also offer Business proposals to bring ambitious and innovative passionate people to earn a lot of money.

Insta Serve Solutions was founded in December 2011 while founder Mr. Rolirajan was searching for a service on a local search engine. He found that very few of service providers are listed as they prefer paid members. So he decided to start a company to provide all services at a single place with a click and call facility.

Our slogan is “Sathi haath Badhana” which means it is not a company of single person but of a team and each and every user can help others to live better life through savings and earning opportunity offered by Insta Serve Solutions. We are growing very fast and with the love of our clients, we are going to be a company getting a turnover of Rs 1 crore by December 2013.